Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

With you can earn lindens by doing tasks like answering surveys, downloading mobile apps, registering on advertiser sites, playing games, as well as getting paid to click and view ads, watch videos and more.

To find out how, please watch the video guide.
Please log into your account and click Withdraw option in left menu. Select the withdraw method "L$ - Linden dollars". Type a L$ entire value. And inform your Second Life avatar name (if have Resident, please insert too). Just click Withdraw and wait for the time. Please check the requeriments before requesting your payment.
All tasks and ads are made available by commercial partners and advertisers, who pay us for each completed task or ads that our users did. So we share with you a portion of those earnings in the Second Life metaverse virtual currency called Lindens (L$).
No. As informed in the terms of services, it is limited to only 1 account per user, home and IP. If we find people with more than 1 account, your account(s) and IP will be permanently banned.
The surveys will not always reward you with the amount informed at the beginning, as it was identified that you did not have the profile of interest for that survey. In these cases, you don't even carry out the actual survey, just some basic initial questions to understand your profile. This is normal to happen.

And all tasks need to be completed in full by the end, performing all the steps informed at the beginning.

Sometimes you may not have been rewarded, because you probably put in false information, used a program that camouflages your real IP, completed the task with fraudulent actions (which may result in your account being banned).

Some tasks take longer than usual to credit, up to 48 hours, such as tasks that need to be audited by the advertiser to know if you have completed and followed all the steps, tasks where you need to test a product or service, download games or mobile apps, register on a website, etc. If after this deadline you have not received yet and you're sure to be rewarded, please contact us with the date, partner, screenshot of the task or history found within the offerwall, and all possible information for us to resolve.
Our email: [email protected]
Inworld: John Maven
Or open a Support ticket logged into your account.
When this happens it's because some of the tasks or surveys you done, was probably completed with false information, fraudulent actions, attempt to complete more than once or the advertiser did not accept it due to the information not being compatible with your reality. In cases of offers that need to buy or subscribe to something, and the user asks for a refund, the task is also canceled and the value is revoked (in this case your account can be banned, because it is malicious).. Therefore, our partners inform our server and the amount is removed from your balance.

It is not possible to dispute it, and in cases involving malicious acts, action will be taken on your account

In case of a negative balance, you need to complete some tasks and return to a positive balance to continue withdrawing lindens to Second Life.
If you've waited more than 48 hours and you still haven't received a reward for a task that you were sure you'd completed by the end and met all requirements, you'll need to ask for support directly from the partner who did the task.

To Adscendmedia support, please go to Adscend offerwall, click Support and then find the task in the Offer History list and select Missing Points?

To CPX Research support, please go to CPX Research offerwall, click on the menu button which is 3 lines and select Help option.

To TheoremReach support, please go to Theoremreach offerwall, click on the menu button which is 3 lines and select Survey History and Support option.

To Kiwi support, please go to Kiwi offerwall, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Wall Support, fill the entire form with as much information and screenshots as possible.

To Wannads support, please go to Wannads offerwall, click on Support button.